(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Roald Frederickx over at PetaPixel posted a nifty how-to for those of you searching for a budget lighting solution for home and macro photography. We're novice photographers delving into the realm of capturing the miniscule-scaled, so the use of a ring flash for close-up and portraitures sounds like it might aid in certain lighting situations, and this solution requires minimum investment using material that might be already sitting your recycling bin or pantry.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Other household objects like a CD spool container might also be converted in similar fashion for a smaller ring flash.
One of the things about macrophotography is that you either have to shoot wide open (and have a depth of field of about 1 micron or so) or stopped down to get some decent DOF (but have ridiculous shutter speeds making everything a blur). The solution: put a strobe on it! Given that you are so close to your subject, it’s hard to properly light it. A ring flash is a good choice and at the tiny distance it is used from the subject, it has the effect of a large softbox creating even lighting.

The PetaPixel DIY instructions calls for reusing a cheap, plastic food container, aluminum foil, a Pringles chips can, and a handheld strobe light. We'd love to see how this DIY version performs versus a commercial solution.

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