How To Make a Great Side Table from IKEA Frosta Stools

How To Make a Great Side Table from IKEA Frosta Stools

Maxwell Ryan
Feb 18, 2010

I've been saving up for months for a February how to splurge, and I am particularly proud of this one. Loving Frosta stools for their low price and solid wood construction, I've keep finding new things to do with them. This one solved the problem of slim bedside tables, which we were missing for nearly two years.

For both sides I purchased four Frosta stools from IKEA ($12.99 each) and two thick glass tops from Capitol Glass ($175 each). The felt pieces added texture and they came from Sutherland Felt.

What You Need

2 Frosta stools
1 ¾" Thick Clear Polished Glass in 16½" diameter
Organic Paint (I used Farrow & Ball)
1 Thick Round Disc of Wool Felt

Hand Saw
Measuring Tape
Paint Brush
Gorilla Glue


This is a really easy project. The only real hurdle is measuring correctly and shelling out for the glass (which I think is worth it).