How To: Make a Headboard with Electrical Tape

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Name: sklose
Location: Sunnyside, NY
Time: A few weeks of thinking about designs, roughly two hours to actually do it
Cost: $1.07 for a three-pack of electrical tape at my neighborhood 99c store

Don't all talk at once, but this is bound to provoke some comments. This is a great how-to that Sklose submitted to last year's Jumpstart Contest and which won a prize for most likely to be copied (Thanks, Sklose!)...

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Tell us the tools and resources you used for the project:

black electrical tape
tape measure
scrap paper + pen for notes
pencil for marking wall
rudimentary algebra skills

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Share step by step instructions for how you completed the project:

1. Rejected the idea of actually painting on the wall in case I choose not to renew my lease in May.
2. Came to terms with the fact that the spun-sugar Baroque confection I had originally envisioned would be too difficult to create in black electrical tape.
3. Came up with simplified, yet pleasing, design.
4. Measured width of room and width of bed.

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5. Subtracted bed width (62") from room width (134") and divided the remaining amount (72") by two (36").
6. Measured 36" from side walls and marked for sides of headboard.
7. Realized that calculating for the interior posts would be much, much easier if I were dealing with 60" instead of 62".
8. Moved marks for sides in one inch on each side.

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9. Applied tape at each side to 52" from ground ("outer posts").
10. Measured 32" up from the ground at each side. Applied tape across ("lower edge").
11. Marked halfway point (30") and applied tape 26" from lower edge. (See progress photo.)
12. Moving out from the center, applied tape every 5" with heights of 25", 24", 23", 22" and 21", with the outer posts measuring 20" from lower edge.
13. Ran tape across tops of posts, stretching and smoothing to create a slight curve.
14. Cast critical eye upon it. Tweaked some spots.
15. Poured a glass of wine. Toasted self.

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