One Minute Tip: How to Make a Jitterbug

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This is the third in John Gleeson Connolly's series on handmade toys.

• The Star: John Gleeson Connolly is an actor, contractor and object maker who lives with his family in Los Angeles in the construction site they call home. We also recommend John's videos on How to Build a Hammered Light, Making a Cypher Wheel, and How to Make a Pirate Key.

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• Submissions Welcome: Are you a Maker? Do you have great how-to's and tips to share? Do you have a winning personality or are you just a great character? Tell us here and we'll consider sending our video team to tape you for the site.

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Rebecca Blumhagen (@rblumes) is an actor, writer and filmmaker who lives in NYC. She loves to travel for great ideas and important stories and counts it an honor to be able to bring Apartment Therapy personalities to life through video!