How to: Make a Magnetic Chalkboard in a Vintage Frame

How to: Make a Magnetic Chalkboard in a Vintage Frame

Monika Gromek
Feb 6, 2009

We love old ornate frames. We have collected a few of them over the years, but we haven't used them for anything yet. Seeing this great DIY project got us thinking that one of them could definitely become a magnetic chalkboard and what a great way to display family photos. Step by step instructions after the jump...

We found this great project on Design*Sponge and hopefully it could be an inspiration for the DIY month here on AT. Christina, who found this beautiful mirror on Craigslist, used it for her project which now decorates a wall in her kitchen. Etsy, eBay, or a local thrift store could be a good resource for something similar.
Below you will find the basic instructions. For more details check out Design*Sponge.

-Vintage (or new, depending on your desire) frame or mirror
-Thin piece of steel
-Chalkboard Paint
-Spray adhesive
-Spray or regular paint for the frame

1. Disassemble the mirror and save the backing board.

2. Use the mirror as a template to draw the shape that will be used for the sheet of metal, Easyboard, and spacing cardboard.

3. The sheet of metal can be cut with aviation snips.
If you are not comfortable cutting it yourself, you can have it cut at a local hardware store.

4. Use a carpet knife to cut the Easyboard and cardboard.

5. Using spray adhesive attach the metal sheet to the Easyboard. Apply a coating of adhesive to both pieces to get a good lamination. Place some heavy objects on top for few hours and let it dry. In addition you could use clamps.

6. The metal sheet needs to be re-cleaned and sprayed with a couple coats of primer.

7. After it dries, spray it with the chalkboard paint.

8. To get your frame ready, you could spray it with a few coats of paint. Christina used some white paint over the gold frame. It depends what kind of treatment you are trying to achieve.

9. After the paint dries, you can get a glossy look by spraying the frame with a clear coat.

10. When you are ready for the assembly, start with the laminated chalkboard, then a cardboard spacer, and then the original backing. You can use the original screws and staples. VoilĂ !

Photos: Design*Sponge

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