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If you haven't yet seen the tour of Michael's Michigan Cottage, it's definitely worth checking out. His home is full of simple but great ideas, like this one — a magnetic map board that's incredibly easy to make.

Michael says the bulletin board is "an IKEA magnetic board that I decoupaged using vintage maps from e-Bay." That's it. So smart and so simple.

Spontan Magnetic Board from IKEA, $12.99
• Vintage maps from eBay, Etsy, or your local thrift store

• Decoupage Medium
• Brushes
• Sponge

• Brush the decoupage medium in a thin layer across the magnetic board.
• Make sure to brush the medium around the edges of the board as well.
• Smooth out the medium with the sponge.
• Place the map onto the board and use your fingers to smooth out the wrinkles.
• Wrap the edges of the map around the edges of the magnetic board.
• Apply a thin coat of medium over the map to seal it and wait for it to dry.
• Apply one or two more layers of medium to give it a final sealed finish.
• Hang it up on the wall.

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Photo: Michael Jon Watt