How To Make a Matching Missing Handle

Artsy Chicks Rule

It's an all too common story: you're thrifting, when suddenly you find the perfect piece. You love it, handles, knobs, and all. But alas, one of them is missing, and you know that it's a near impossible feat to track down a matching one. Well, blogger Nancy from Artsy Chicks Rule was determined that she wouldn't be deterred by missing hardware, and she came up with a cheap, easy, and clever solution to the problem.

Using Sculpey clay, Nancy made a mold of the original handle, and once it was dry, she used the mold to make a new handle with some additional clay. Once it was complete, she sanded and smoothed it, and gave all the hardware a new coat of oil rubbed bronze paint.

Nancy does mention that this handle is on a drawer that she does not use regularly, and it won't be as sturdy as a metal one, but if you are absolutely in love with an antique piece, it is a handy solution to keep the look you love, as long as you're willing to be a bit more careful with its use.

For more details on the process, more tips, and additional pictures, visit Artsy Chicks Rule.

(Image credits: Artsy Chicks Rule)