How To... Make a Shuttered Bulletin Board

How To... Make a Shuttered Bulletin Board

Gregory Han
Dec 12, 2008

Monica Ewing, I heart your DIY skills for this open and shut case of crafty goodness. Taking a couple shutters bestowed by a friend, the Craftynest creator transformed the doors into a hideaway space of organizational goodness, complete with a holiday candy-cane stripe fabric interior and matching red furniture nails as thumb tacks. Magnifique! Check out a few more photos of this project and a link to the complete step-by-step instructions below...


A friend gave me these shutters. I loved their shape, but couldn't decide what to do with them. Then it occurred to me that shutters were the perfect way to cover a bulletin board (which can look messy). It hangs right inside my entry—a great place for a message center—and I close the shutters whenever I want to hide the clutter. My favorite part: using red furniture nails as thumbtacks!

Complete instructions to make your own here.

[Via Craftynest]

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