How To... Make a Vintage Cake Stand

My sister got married this past weekend and rather than having a wedding cake she asked some of the guests to make cupcakes of their choice. We needed a lot of cake stands to hold the cupcakes so we decided to craft our own – it was easy, cheap and fun and the product was better than anything we could find in the store.

What You Need:

  • Vintage Plates

  • Vintage Wine Glasses

  • Non-toxic Adhesive

  • Drop Cloths

1. The first step is to pick out fun plates and wine glasses from the thrift store or unused dishware in your home. The colors for the wedding were green, brown, and yellow so we had a theme for our arrangement.

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2. The next step is to make sure the glasses and plates are matched together in terms of scale and style (small plates with small glasses, large plates with wide diameter glasses).

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3. The directions for the glue we used called for each surface to be coated with the glue and wait 5 minutes before adhering the two surfaces to each other. After 24 hours the glue will be set.

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4. A cake stand was placed on each table with cupcakes atop – they were a huge hit and super easy to make!

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Congrats Jenny & Kyle!

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