How To: Make An (Almost) No-Sew Draft Dodger

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Save heat! Save money! It seems every home has at least one drafty door or window and making a draft dodger (aka draft guard, draft blocker, draft buster, draft stopper, etc.) can be quite simple. We love Jennifer of The Felt Mouse's version above which she made from an old pair of knit tights.

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She used a tutorial at Family Fun and substituted polyfill, which she already had, for uncooked rice. You could also use dried beans or any other weighty stuffing you have on hand. The tutorial requires a minimum of hand sewing to close up the end of the tight leg and for any embellishment (like ears, eyes, nose, feet) you want to add. Jennifer's tights were brown which suggested a dog to her, but use your imagination based on the tights you use (or try kneesocks for smaller windows). Visit her new "dog" (Except this one doesn't potty in the house and cost hundreds of dollars in vet bills for an as of yet unidentified skin condition...) at The Felt Mouse.

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