How To: Make Baby Wipes

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With so much focus on how environmentally unfriendly diapers are, baby wipes have sort of slipped under the eco-radar. Erin recently wrote us to share a green how-to:

I'd been freaking out about the non-biodegradability of traditional polyester baby wipes.. (300 years to disappear is a conservative estimate!) So I figured out how to make my own less environment-hatey ones. It also doesn't suck that they work out cheaper than traditional wipes, even when you use unbleached, recycled materials. So you know, win-win.

You only need a few materials: paper towels, a resealable box, distilled water, baby lotion and vinegar. Read Erin's instructions and see more photos over at Wee Baby Stuff.

Have you tried making your own wipes? See another method here.

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