How To: Make Framed Living Succulent Art

Better Homes and Gardens

More succulents? Yes, yes we know; they are everywhere right now. But that's for a good reason. They are extremely versatile, have great textures and exude that lovely desert charm. I for one am not over them, and if you are still in love with these little guys too then here is an easy and exciting way to get them into your lives and up on your walls.

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Better Homes and Gardens has provided us with a great tutorial on how to easily put together a framed living vertical wall. It can be hung indoors or out, be small or large and is extremely hearty so even black thumbs like me can have a go at it.

This project allows you to be as hands on as you want. You can make or buy your frame or even purchase an entire kit which will provide you with the frame, cactus mix and succulents ready to go.

So if you're wanting to squeeze in one or two more summer projects before the season starts fading on us, then this could be one that isn't too daunting and will assure a nice display of greenery to cheer you up as the fall and winter months start creeping in on us.

Images: Better Homes and Gardens

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