We've all heard the saying, "one man's trash is another man's treasure". No one knows this better than Patricia Hamm, who bases her boutique, Whimseys, on this principle. She shared with us her tried and true tactics for making junk look good using more imagination than money.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
1. Make collections out of anything that comes in multiples: dominoes, playing cards, marbles, silverware, keys, buttons, mirrors, toys cars or cupcake toppers. In our favorite example, Patricia made a bouquet of old artists brushes by sticking them in a garden urn and surrounding them with black-eyed peas. Brilliant! 2. Frame anything to make it stand out as art. In Patricia's home, she mounted an old paint palette on the wall and highlighted it with a vintage frame found in the trash. 3. Paint inexpensive old furniture a fun color. Brown wood furniture is boring, especially if it is low quality. A coat of white or black paint makes anything fresh again, but a color like orange makes it pop. 4. Group similar colors when setting up a vignette. Objects can be totally unrelated but if the colors are the same the grouping makes sense visually. 5. Nothing is precious. Interesting flea market and garage sale finds can come and go with your whims. Experiment with unusual pieces and repurpose ordinary items. When those treasures loose their luster, back to the trash they go for the next person to discover.