How To: Make Martha Stewart Cut Paper Wall Decor

While flipping through one of this month's magazines, we came across an advertisement for Martha Stewart products. Beautifully put together as always, but something in particular caught our eye. Click through the jump to see our step by step guide to making these adorable paper cut outs so they can adorn your walls for just the cost of the frame.


The supply list is short: scissors, rubber cement, craft knife, white copy paper, colored paper or fabric, white card stock and a square frame.

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To start simply fold a piece of copy paper (that has been squared off) into quarters. Like making snowflakes when you were little (or last Christmas depending on how arts and crafts you are!)

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Cut out shapes from your paper. Keep in mind how the designs will attach to each other in the final display.

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It's ok to open it up to take a peek, just fold it back the way it came undone and you'll be set!

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Next trace your copy paper pattern onto your piece of white card stock. We found a mechanical pencil worked well for this.

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With your copy paper pattern close by, look to see which holes will be cut out. We marked them off with an "x" just to clear up any confusion once we started cutting things out.

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Using a craft knife, cut along the lines you traced, making sure to get each corner so the paper doesn't pull.

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Take a look at your cutout against different colors of paper and chose one that you think works well with the spaces in your home.

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Using Rubber Cement, apply glue to the backside of your new cutout cardstock. Allow it to dry for just a few seconds and place it firmly onto your colored paper. Your new paper cut outs are ready to hang in any square frame!

Don't be afraid to experiment by using fabric instead of colored paper, or colored paper instead of white card stock. MIx and match your colors for the seasons or just to fit your mood.

Photos by Sarahrae and advertisement from Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, Inc.

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