(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
As much as it seems the entire world is running around with a DSLR camera in their hands, that just isn't the case, especially when you're toting around kids and their gear. But just because you don't own one or you don't regularly lug it around with you doesn't mean you can't use the camera you probably do have with you - your phone camera - to create artwork from your photos.
(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
The folks at Photojojo share an interesting method of making a giant mural-sized print from just a picture from your phone camera.

Here's the gist:

1. Email yourself your camera phone photo.
2. Print it out.
3. Scan it back in at high resolution.
4. Adjust as needed.
5. Output it to your local printer

Even if you don't have a scanner, most print shops will. They can scan your photo back in and adjust the resolution for you and then print it right back out. Remember if you print an architect blueprint, it's even inexpensive.

Check out more details and tips on the process on Photojojo.

(Image: Photojojo)