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A modern curtain like this one made from interlocking hexagons by designer Hiroshi Tsunoda (YankoDesign.com) makes a divider that allows light to pass through but provides privacy.

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Making your studio apartment feel like home isn't always an easy task. I spent months before moving into my one–room abode researching ways to seperate my bedroom into it's own seperate space. It took a little trial and error, but I finally found a solution using an open–back bookcase as a partition. Now I couldn't imagine living any other way!...

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My favorite method to partition spaces is to use open back bookcases, such as the one up top and the ones in the slideshow above. A back would take up a lot more visual residency, and not allow any light to penetrate. I also like the fact that there's no installation or drilling into the walls required, and if you're in an athletic mood, you can rearrange your furniture from time to time.

- Ashley White

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