How To: Make Seed Bombs

How To: Make Seed Bombs

Gregory Han
May 29, 2008

Jonathan noted today's LA Times profile about militant gardening, with Angelenos looking to change the urban landscape one seed bomb at a time. Hidden in the article is a helpful photo instructional how-to, as shown above. Don't mistake those seed "bombs" above for truffles...they're the arsenal of the urban gardeners mentioned in today's LA Times article. Details how to make your own below...

[photo: Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times]

Part beautification, part eco-activism, part social outlet, the activity has been fueled by Internet gardening blogs and sites such as, where before-and-after photos of the latest "troop digs" inspire 45,000 visitors a month to make derelict soil bloom.

"We can make much more out of the land than how it's being used, whether it's about creating food or beautifying it," says the movement's ringleader and founder, Richard Reynolds, by phone from his London home. His tribe includes freelance landscapers like Scott, urban farmers, floral fans and artists.

You can join the resistance and follow the LAT's step-by-step instructions, with more details about the greening movement that has taken foothold in London, Berlin, Miami, San Francisco and Southern California.

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