DIY Project Idea: How To Make
Shibori-Inspired Bedding

Apartment Therapy Reader Project Tutorial

Have some light-colored sheets that have seen better days? Alison shows us how to to take those dingy duvets and turn them into trendy Shibori-style bedding.

Skill Level: Easy
Time Required: 1 hour
Project Cost: $7 (not including bedding)

What You Need


  • Fabric dye
  • Old sheets or duvet cover
  • String
  • Plastic bin or bucket for mixing dye


1. Roll, fold, and bunch your bedding into a cylindrical rope.

2. Wrap string tightly around the ends that you are going to be dying (the string is where the original color will show through).

3. Prepare a dye bath as per manufacturer's instructions (Alison used a 24 liter tub for easy clean up).

4. Dampen the string-tied portions, and dip fabric into your dye bath.

5. Lift out after the desired soak time, and rinse until the water runs clear.

6. Untie your string, run through the washing machine on a rinse cycle, and then hang to dry.

Thanks, Alison!

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(Image credits: Stella and Olive)