How To: Make Your Own Cloth Napkins

How To: Make Your Own Cloth Napkins

Stephanie Kinnear
Nov 12, 2007

We just spent the weekend with family in the mountains of Northern California.

We ate a lot; we got pretty messy; and we didn't toss a single paper napkin or towel. Last year, a friend gave our aunt 52 homemade cloth napkins as a birthday gift and we used them at every meal.

Our aunt loves the napkins and, as she pointed out, they're very easy to make from just about any sort of fabric.

Our aunt's cloth napkins (all 52 of them) were adorable, extremely soft, and obviously reusable -- she just throws them in with her laundry at the end of the week.

Cloth napkins can be sewn out of just about any salvaged or new fabric, like worn-out flannel sheets, a thrifted tablecloth, old bandanas ... the possibilities are pretty endless.

All that's needed are a few rudimentary sewing skills.

Here's one more useful set of instructions.

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