How to Make Your Baby Fly

How to Make Your Baby Fly

Richard Popovic
Feb 29, 2012

People are always looking for new ways to pose their little baby for pictures. Holding signs, in costume, in front of a chalkboard, wearing a mustache--we've seen our share, and they are all cute. To make your photo stand out these days, you need something dramatic. Like an infant suspended in midair. Yeah, that will work.

This will make your next holiday card stand out for sure. Pat David at PetaPixel gives a very detailed tutorial on how he made this shot happen. Rest assured, it did not involve bungee cords or heavy duty fishing wire. He happens to be pretty handy with not only taking photos but editing them as well. For it is the photo editing that transforms a picture of himself holding his daughter into a stuffed animal mosh pit free-for-all.

This is not a project for image-editing and photography novices, but practice makes perfect and we cannot think of a better subject to practice on.

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(Images: Pat David. Via: Daddy Types)

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