How To Make Your Bed Once and
Sleep in it Twice As Long

Comment of the Day

File this one under the title of head-smacking "how did I never think of that before" homekeeping. Here's a funny, funky tip from today's thread all about flat sheets. Chellyt84 admits "a secret" that we think is kinda brilliant...

Take it away, Chelly...

Ok. I'm going to admit a secret here....I use the flat sheet, but not the way I think it was intended. I make the bed with both the fitted and flat sheet, and then I sleep on top of the flat sheet until it is time to change the sheets (generally for about a week) and then remove the flat sheet and sleep on the fitted sheet for about the same amount of time.
Then I wash both sheets and start over again. It makes for less sheet washing, because instead of washing the sheets every week I only need to wash them ever other week!

(Image credits: Adrienne Breaux)