How to: Make Your Cat's Litter Box Less Smelly

How to: Make Your Cat's Litter Box Less Smelly

Stephanie Kinnear
Jul 24, 2008

Not all that long ago, we witnessed an outpouring of love for World's Best Cat Litter in the comments section of a post on biodegradable kitty litter.

Inspired, we bought some, and we've been loyal ever since. However, we've not been entirely thrilled. We love World's Best because it doesn't produce the gross dust most leading brands do, but we're missing those odor-masking properties.

In other words: The box? It stinks. But we think we've discovered a solution.

Our local pet store owner (thanks Alpha Pet Supply!) had a suggestion: Mix 1 part World's Best with 1 part Nature's Miracle (both corn-based).

Alone, neither really cut it. World's Best, as we explained, doesn't hide the stink. And Nature's Miracle smells too strongly, and doesn't clump as well. Together they're golden.

It's been two sweet smelling days since we began mixing the two, and we're happy customers.

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