How To: Make Your Own Knitted Pouf

We love the Flocks Pouf from DWR and we understand they are hand knit (on huge needles) by Christien Meindertma, but spending $1,360 for what is essentially a floor cushion is just not going to happen any time soon. So we were pleased to discover that someone created a pattern for a DIY version...

The pouf pattern is available from Pickles, a Norwegian site that offers free patterns for knitting, crochet and sewing. Be sure to read the project's comments. We learned some great tips, such as rather than hunt for a thick enough yarn create the pouf, you can make your own by plying — take many different yarns and hold them together as it they were one, cast on and knit carefully. If you start now, you should have a nice cozy pouf by fall! (There's a smaller version too!)

Via: More Ways to Waste Time.