How To: Make Your Own Tassel

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Tassels are not just for graduation caps. We've been noticing them lately hanging from the door handles of armoires and chests, where they add a note of fun and drama and invite touching. Coupled with a ribbon, they can make an attractive tieback for a curtain, whether it's hung at a window or at a shower. Most high end fabric stores carry a good selection, but why not make your own? The latest Threads Newsletter shows how. Details, after the jump...

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  • Fringe
  • Cord


  1. Tie knot in cord.
  2. Wrap fringe tightly around base of knot. Sew, glue, or tie fringe securely in place.
  3. Turn fringe upside down over knot to cover it.
  4. Tie or wrap neck with thread and bury thread ends.
  5. Embellish if desired.

[Photo 1 by lodigs; How to photo: Judy Neukam, editor Threads]