How To Make Your Own USB Flash Drive Bracelet

How To Make Your Own USB Flash Drive Bracelet

Gregory Han
Jun 7, 2012

Maybe you've always disliked how boring USB flash drives look. Or maybe you're just DIY-crafty spirited. In either case, Chemical and Biological Engineering student and Instructablist, BrittLiv, shares an easy way to customize some portable storage and carry it (fashionably) upon your wrist...

Materials List:

You'll be using the cardboard piece as the frame for the yarn wrapped exterior with the flash drive secured into place using the duct tape, and you'll have the freedom to customize the amount of colors and width of bands to your heart's content using yarn and your fashionable imagination. Just remember to consider whether 2GB storage will do, or if you'll splurge for the $25 32GB option.

For complete instructions and more photos (this is a case where a how-to video could have helped illustrate the yarn application), check out BrittLiv's Instructable, USB Flash Drive Bracelet.

(Images: Britt Liv)

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