How To Measure Twice and Move Once

How To Measure Twice and Move Once

Sarah Rae Smith
Mar 19, 2012

You may have heard the phrase "measure twice, cut once" - well the same concept can certainly apply to planning furniture purchases and moving days. We came across a great guide from Crate & Barrel on how to measure your furniture for those small stairwells and narrow doorways. Do you know exactly which way to measure? Take a look right this way…

Resource Guide: How To Measure Furniture from Crate and Barrel

The only thing we'd like to add to the list is to check your tight stairways and the floor to ceiling height in them. Just because your furniture fits through the door to your apartment doesn't mean it will make it up the stairs as well. Also, make sure to measure any large windows or alternative method of bringing in furniture. Sometimes deck or patio doors or a fire escape have better clearance than your front door.


5 Furniture Buying Tips for Apartments with Small Stairwells

(Image: Flickr member schmuela licensed for use by Creative Commons)

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