How To: Minimize Shutter Lag

How To: Minimize Shutter Lag

May 24, 2007

Nobody likes blurry pictures, yet chances are if you use a point and shoot digital camera you have taken your share of unwanted blurry photos. So why is this so common even if you have purchased a new camera? As described in The NY Times, getting an accurate description of a cameras shutter lag (the time between pressing the button to when the image is actually saved) is nearly impossible. Since there is no standardized measure of shutter lag, comparing one manufacturer to the next can not really be done. So is there an easy way to minimize shutter lag?

In short, not exactly, but there are techniques you can use when trying to capture fast action shots. Pressing the shutter button half way will pre-focus the camera on the object of interest. Since the focusing step is already complete at this point, pressing the shutter key the rest of the way results in a much quicker processing and saving of the image. Alternatively, using the camera burst mode will fire a quick series of photos. Although more of a guessing game than a real photographic technique, if you start the shot sequence in advance of what you expect to capture, it is likely that one of the shots will be what you want.

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