How To: Multi-Task A Room

When living in an apartment or small home, creative thinking is a great way to maximize your space. Most common inspiration - recreating rooms within other rooms. The design goal is to create functional and stylish defined areas without disrupting the flow and harmony of the space. If you don't want a desk hanging out in your bedroom or a reading chair randomly against a wall, try multi-tasking your rooms. Check out a few ideas after the jump…

• Keep continuity with the color palette by picking up complimentary colors in fabric or texture.

• Allow your furniture to work double time by utilizing it's practicality for more then 1 defined space.

• Suspend the idea of traditional use. For example, if you don’t use your kitchen, turn it into another room…say an office or even den!?

A common multi-tasking practice – creating the home office. Abby wrote a thorough post a few months ago about finding space for your home office. In our case, we chose to make our eat-in-kitchen a home office by using a wall unit (we went with elfa and love it). We were able to define an office space and make it feel comfortable yet functional for our needs. Also, try creating a hallway home office similar to the picture below. (Image via House & Home)

Create a defined dining area in a main space by anchoring the room with functional and relevant pieces in a similar color palette. This idea works great in a long, rectangular main room – one end is your couch and tv and the other end is your table and buffet. Carry your patterns through in your fabrics like your pillows on your couch to match the dining chairs. (Image via Divine Design)