How: Not to Install a Ceiling Fan

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A few months ago, when the weather was cooler, we moved our ceiling fan into the kitchen. We used it sporadically -- to disperse the smoke during stovetop grilling, to move the heat around the house -- and we were careful to keep the cabinets closed during its operation. But now with the hotter weather, the fan's been getting more use and this weekend it was on almost constantly. We opened up the cabinet to get at a little-used platter...

and the fan connected with the cabinet with a resounding THWACK...and ripped a nice chunk of wood out of the cabinet's facing. Lesson learned: when considering the path of your ceiling fan, remember to take into account items like cabinet doors that may not normally be in your fan's pathway. While we probably won't swap out our ceiling fan just yet, we'll definitely remember to keep our cabinet doors closed while it's in operation. Have you ever installed an item and discovered later that you forgot to take something crucial into account?