How To: Oilcloth Tablecloth

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Oilcloth is a great way to protect a tabletop from the inevitable scars and stains left behind by messy eaters and enthusiastic arts and crafters. We've seen many oilcloth tablecloths before, but they usually have a kindergarten classroom quality to them. Kathleen of Twig & Thistle recently made a sweet tablecloth that, with a few smart decisions on her part, has a nice adult quality to it.

We wish there were better choices in oilcloth to begin with (they seem to be disproportionately loud and Hawaiian-inspired) but Kathleen's choice of red and white polka dot goes a long way in toning down the inherently shiny quality of oilcloth. Her real stroke of brilliance however was to scallop the edges which elevates the whole look.

Kathleen walks you through this diy project with plenty of helpful photos on her blog, Twig & Thistle.

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