Pretty Enough to Display: Organized Cosmetics in the Bathroom

Pretty Enough to Display: Organized Cosmetics in the Bathroom

My bathroom is organized now, but before, I was never able to find anything and it was one big, cluttered mess. The key to good organization can be summed up by the saying "a place for everything and everything in its place." Sometimes, once you get the right containers and everything has a home, it's easy to get organized — and stay that way.

Before I got it together and bought small clear boxes with separators, my cosmetics were jumbled together in a drawer, which was stressful and made it impossible to find what I was looking for.

So I made some measurements of my shelf in the bathroom and made my way to Muji to purchase containers that would fit perfectly. They had boxes with little drawers that were meant to be used as jewelry boxes, but I had other plans.

First I emptied my drawer and separated out my makeup by color, putting half into one mini drawer and the other half into the other.

The drawers are easier to find things in, and they can be pulled out entirely for easy access. It also gave me an opportunity to throw out anything that was out of date or that I no longer used.

Once the majority of my mess was cleaned up, I was able to see what else needed a new place. I dug out some decorative boxes I had in a junk drawer and found that they worked perfectly for housing some of the extra things I use less often but don't want to forget I have. Now that I have a place for everything, I can actually stay organized… provided I continue to put everything back in its place!

(Images: Liana Walker)

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