How To: Organize Makeup

How To: Organize Makeup

Laure Joliet
Mar 24, 2009

As we've mentioned before, we're not big makeup people but we still manage to have enough of it to clutter up the bathroom counter. We don't really like to keep it out, but when it gets used everyday it ends up living there unless we're vigilant about it. What we really need to do is to create a better space for it (like a drawer) and start organizing:

• First off make sure that your makeup hasn't expired. If it has, toss it, it's not worth it, especially with things like mascara to risk using old products.

• If you're using a drawer to throw all your makeup into, drag it all out and sort out the things that you simply never use (yes that electric blue eyeliner would look amazing with the green dress you haven't bought yet, but it's been a couple of years so go ahead and let that dream die).

• If you have a lot of lipsticks that are running out but you still want to use, check out this tip from Domino

• Sort makeup into eyeliners, eyeshadows, foundation, powders, etc.

• Now go around the house or to the kitchen and round up small bowls or boxes that aren't being used and sort makeup into them. Alternatively you can buy fancy organizers that fit your drawer precisely to be most efficient with the space.

• Before you fill the drawers with the bowls, take the time to wipe down the drawer and put in a new pretty liner. Try this removeable wallpaper from Pottery Barn or just a nice piece of wrapping paper. It will help you want to keep the drawer tidy.

• For on the counter displays, we're a bag fan of scientific beakers for wrangling all the brushes and mascaras into something less frou frou than the makeup itself. But any kind of cup that will hold what you need will do the job.

• This is a great time to wash brushes. Just use some mild shampoo and wash them in lukewarm water in the bathroom sink. Let them dry overnight.

• If you have enough supplies to warrant a shelf in the linen closet or have larger storage options in your bathroom, find a set of glasses you like and keep brushes, mascaras and eyeliners in those. Find covered containers that can hold: eyeshadows, blushes, powders, bronzers, etc in their own box to keep them separated. Put only thos things that you use eveyrday into the medicine cabinet or easy-access drawer.

How do you keep makeup wrangled?

Image from Beauty Fool.

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