How To...Put Together a Pendant Lamp

How To...Put Together a Pendant Lamp

Heather Blaha
Aug 17, 2006

Porcelain at Design Boner just bought the KNAPPA pendant lamp from IKEA and has blogged her constructing process here.

Porcelain says: "IKEA instructs you to assemble the light upside down and, combined with their half-assed pictures, I could not wrap my head around which way to bend the little plastic bits. I think IKEA should include this warning on all of their instructions: Do not put this product together immediately after a trip to our store. Take a nap or have a big glass of wine to clear your head and calm your nerves."

We loved reading the trials and triumphs of this process (as if surviving a trip to Schaumburg isn't enough of a triumph!), and realized that Porcelain and I follow the same "throw the instructions out the window" mentality and just go for the gusto using intuition and hands-on visuals. Voila! Porcelain did it in less than ten minutes sans instruction manual. We can't help compare it to our thrift store find several weeks back...we love these lamps!

(Thanks, Porcelain!)

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