Is This a Reasonable Price for a Vintage Formica Sideboard?

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Q: Hello everyone! My boyfriend and I have recently moved into our first shared apartment. While we managed to get by with mixing our respective pieces of furniture, I'm feeling the need to shake things up a bit. Enter this beautiful formica bar from the 1950s. I think it would be a great addition to our kitchen, as we are in need of a wee bit more storage.

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It would replace the ubiquitous IKEA Bekväm kitchen cart I've had for 6 years. The room is generally decorated in white with red accent pieces, so this would fit right in. From what I've seen in the store, it appears to be in pretty good shape. Before I take the plunge, though, two things:

- I feel like $125 is a reasonable price for this piece. However, I have no experience shopping for vintage pieces. What do you think?

- I would definitely re-finish the blue-ish parts and add new knobs. I'm pretty sure I would go with a chrome finish for the knobs, but I have no clue what I would replace the blue with! I was thiking of spray-painting it silver, but... meeeeh, not 100% sure that it would be the best idea.

Thank you for your input/suggestions!

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