How to Repair a Damaged USB or Power Cable

How to Repair a Damaged USB or Power Cable

Gregory Han
Sep 26, 2011

Jane ni Dhulchaointigh sent us a heads up about her recent Instructables project, illustrating how to use the silicone based putty, Sugru, in a handy way useful for longtime laptop users with powerbrick connections that have an annoying tendency to become frayed or damaged after extended use...

Sugru is pretty awesome stuff for repairing a great many household items, but this one is extremely useful considering a great many friends with laptops with these hulking powerbrick adaptors eventually see them frayed at the connection point; they're not cheap to replace, so this $12 repair may appeal to budget minded fixers who are apt to repair rather than replace.

Pssst....there are rumors a few packs of Sugru are buried somewhere inside our Mystery Box we're giving away.

Check out the full Instructables post: How To Repair Damaged Cables

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