How To... Reuse Political Campaign Signs

Come Wednesday Morning

Earlier this week we saw Les Fourmis' Campaign Sign Reuse. They got creative in reusing all of that political signage that's posted during a campaign then generally goes to waste after an election's over. In the days following Canada's recent election, Les Fourmis removed such signs and gave them a new purpose. A few of you asked if instructions were available so you could do this yourself come November 5...

AT reader Eve was happy to oblige. (Thanks, Eve!)

What you'll need:

  • used corrugated plastic campaign posters, precut as diagrammed below

  • hole punch for holes located as diagrammed below

  • plastic ties for cinching the pieces together

  • scissors for trimming the ties when you're done assembling

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See shots of birdhouses (and messenger bags) being assembled by Les Fourmis here.

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