How to Score a Spotify Invite

How to Score a Spotify Invite

Julienne Lin
Jul 20, 2011

Internet services are milking the "invite-only" mechanism for all its worth with, Google+ and now Spotify - a music service that lets you play tracks instantly on both your computer and your phone. If you don't have access to Spotify yet, fortunately there are ways to get around receiving an invite. Here's how after the jump.

It seems like brands are itching to take part in the invite-giveaway for Spotify, from soft drinks to cars everyone wants a part of the exclusivity.

From Coca Cola: For fans of the Coca Cola Facebook page or followers of @docpemberton, the brand has been sharing a link to free Spotify subscriptions. You don't have to be a follower of @docpemberton to get the invite, just find the tweet and input your email.

From Chevrolet: The automobile company will be the first to support Spotify at launch and to show its partnership, Chevrolet is giving out 150,000 invites to users on their Facebook page.

From Klout: Klout, the Twitter influence measuring service is rewarding the influential tweeters out there with a Spotify invite. Log in with Twitter to see if your Klout makes the cut as a Spotify Ambassador.

From Gizmodo: Gizmodo is handing out 100 free Spotify invites for anyone following the blog that tweets "HEY @GIZMODO GIVE ME A SPOTIFY INVITE." So tweet away and good luck!

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