How To Sew a Reversible Christmas Tree Skirt

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When we decided to have our first Christmas tree above 18" this year, it seemed the right time to make a tree skirt. It's not difficult, and making your own means it can be made out of any fabric you choose. Here, I share how to make a reversible one so if your preference changes from year to year it's as easy as a flip of the fabric:

What You Need


  • (2) contrasting 1.5-yard pieces of fabric in at least 44/45-inch width
  • 48" of ribbon
  • thread


  • sewing machine
  • measuring tape
  • scissors
  • string
  • marker or fabric chalk
  • straight pins


1. Lay out the two squares of fabric, finished side facing in. Marking a dot at the center of the fabric, use a string measured to half of the desired diameter of your skirt to draw a circle on the fabric. I made a 42" skirt, so my string was 21" long.

2. Measure a string to half of the diameter of the desired opening at the center of the skirt and draw a small circle using the same center point on the fabric. I went with a 4" opening, so the string is 2" long.

3. Draw a line from the center point of the circle to the perimeter.

4. Pin both layers of fabric together and cut along the outer circle, inner circle, and line, being sure to cut through both layers of fabric.

5. Cut (4) 12-inch lengths of ribbon and pin two ribbons on either side of the line, sandwiched in between the fabric layers.

6. Sew along the line and outer circle. Leave the inner circle unsewn for flipping the fabric right-side-out. Flip the fabric right-side-out.

7. Hand stitch the inner circle, iron, and tie around the tree with your (currently) favorite side up!

(Image credits: Regina Yunghans)