How To: Soundproof Your Apartment

How To: Soundproof Your Apartment

Jun 22, 2007

Are you the noisy neighbor? Maybe it's your killer AV setup or you are a musician. But if your neighbors are complaining, you may want to think about soundproofing.

For Alexander and his drummer wife soundproofing was the only way to satisfy a complaining co-op, and get into the two bedroom of their dreams. They shared the steps they took to create a soundproof environment over at Wired Magazine. They didn't spare any expense, and found solutions that worked for them and satisfied their less-than-thrilled neighbors.

Step 1: Take Care of the Walls
For this step, the owners decided on Green Glue and sheetrock. Green Glue converts sound energy into heat, so you're adding a layer of sound insulation and helping with the heating bills. They sandwiched the Green Glue between their existing walls and a layer of sheetrock. The thicker, the better.

Step 2: Drop the Ceiling
While treating the ceiling just like the walls is an acceptable solution, the owners were advised to create a drop ceiling. A drop ceiling creates a sound chamber, further trapping the sound.

In this case, they hung sheetrock panels from wooden beams attached to the ceiling. And then created a Green Glue sandwich with additional sheetrock.

Step 3: Don't Forget the Floors

A final bit of advice, is to not forget the floors. The owners weren't too worried about neighbors below, because their floor was shared with the laundry room. But after being advised that leaving the floor bare would create a drum-like effect, they put down several pounds of mass-loaded vinyl.

For additional tips and details, look here.

Thanks for the photos Ricardo and scottbb!

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