7 Simple Steps to a Cleaner, Better Computer

7 Simple Steps to a Cleaner, Better Computer

Joelle Alcaidinho
Apr 10, 2013

Back in my IT days, I used to carry around disinfecting wipes whenever I had to work on another person's keyboard computer. Some of those keyboards and mice didn't look like they had been cleaned in ages. Needless to say, I'm much happier working from home where I can keep hardware clean and pristine. I wanted to share a few of the techniques I practice to keep everything looking and working well...

What You Need


  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • Distilled water


  • Air Blaster
  • Toddy cleaning cloth
  • Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • Cotton swabs
  • For keeping it tidy: Moshi PalmGuard & ClearGuard


  1. Unplug and turn off the laptop.
  2. Use an air blaster like Giotto's AA1900 to get rid of large crumbs, debris, or dust.
  3. Dip a microfibre cleaning cloth in a 50/50 water and isopropyl alcohol solution, then wipe off the keyboard and laptop surfaces (but not the screen).
  4. Use a cotton swab dipped in the water & alcohol solution to clean in between the keys. Allow to dry.
  5. Use the air blaster on the screen to remove dust and debris.
  6. Using a double sided cleaning cloth, like the Toddy Smart Cloth to clean the screen. Start with the terrycloth side and follow with the microfibre side.
  7. Maintain the cleanliness of your laptop by using a keyboard guard like the Moshi ClearGuard when eating at your computer and a palm rest for everyday use like the Moshi PalmGuard.

(Images: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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