Living with a cat means: any bag brought into the house is subject to search and seizure, you'll become acquainted with the impassioned melody of nocturnal opera sung in yowls and meows, pain thresholds will be tested frequently and regularly both by errant pieces of litter sprinkled across the floor and the occasional love bite/scratch to test skin health, and cables and cords left attended may find their way into your cat's collection of "fun play things bipedal nincompoop who feeds me wants, but can't have"...

When our cats were a little younger, I'd sometimes find USB cables and headphone cords pulled underneath tables or our couch, slightly nibbled, discarded like backyard carrion left at the doorstep. Mark Frauenfelder of Boing Boing ran into this very same problem and tried the Crittercord Micro, a 6 feet plastic tubing designed to cover cords and cables to prevent connecting and power cables from being used as feline dental hygiene. The cord cover offers cat's an extra kick of flavor is liberally doused with citrus scent and a bitter taste. Unfortunately, the smell attributed to this product kept Mark from wanting to use his protected cable himself, so he was forced to look elsewhere.

His solution: ¼-inch split loom tubing. At $11.82 for a 100 feet this might be overkill, so consider rounding up a few other friends to split the length and cost. The flexible ridged design is noted to be nose-up ignored by cats, perhaps not meeting their mysterious gourmand criteria.

(Images: Flickr member Jacob Haas licensed for use under Creative CommonsMark Frauenfelder; CritterCord)