Help a Beginner DIYer: How to Support 25lb Sewing Machine on Drop Leaf?

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Q: I'm tackling an ambitious furniture-making project (ambitious because I have never made furniture, and only have a power drill and a basic tool set). It is a bookshelf with a drop-leaf table which will function as a craft table. The really tricky part is that I want the table to be able to support my sewing machine, which weighs 25 lbs.

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Attached is a sketch of what I'm thinking. The heavy-duty folding brackets have a terrific weight rating, something like 700lbs (!!!), but I'm concerned about the rest of the table. The brackets are 12" long, leaving 17.5" of table floating around unsupported. I had considered attaching hinged legs to the ends of the table, but then it wouldn't fold flush when I fold the whole thing down. Any suggestions?

More details: the wood I'm using is 3/4" plywood, the shelf supports are made of plumbing pipes, and I REALLY need the support solution to be as affordable as possible, as the rest of the supplies have already set me back quite a bit.

Thanks, all!

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