How to: Take Care of your Danish Modern Score

How to: Take Care of your Danish Modern Score

Laure Joliet
Jan 23, 2008

So you scored that Danish Modern credenza/side table/lamp/chair off craigslist or you actually just found one on the street, so how do you keep it in good shape? Tips after the jump:

If it's an authentic piece, its likely to be made of teak, a very durable wood that is normally oiled and not lacquered. I currently am in possession of my Grandmother's teak furniture that she kept in good shape since the 60's when she bought it. I wouldn't say that she was uptight about maintenance, but that I definitely learned what to do and not do to teak.

• If it's dirty or dusty you'll want to wipe it down with a damp rag.

• According to my grandmother don't ever use Murphy's Oil Soap (or any soap) on teak.

• Don't let water sit on it. Whether it's a glass with condensation or a sponge that you're using to wipe it down, dry it off immediately.

• Have a schedule for oiling it (once a month would keep it dark and golden and would make sure that any grime wouldn't have a chance to build up).

For Oiling:
• Using part of a soft tee shirt, saturate the material with Teak Oil and then rub onto the wood.

• Let it sit for 10 minutes or so

• Go back over the shiny spots with a clean dry shirt to make sure the oil has been absorbed


• If the wood is very dry you may need to reapply the oil a couple of times before its gotten its fill (for outdoor furniture for example)

• Keep the saturated rag in a ziplock so that you don't waste oil.

For other kinds of wood, check out Danish Furniture Maintenance.

image via mid century modernist

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