How To Throw a Bachelorettesque Party

How To Throw a Bachelorettesque Party

Tess Wilson
Jun 17, 2013

I don't know if I'm the marrying kind, so moving across the country to be with my love might be the closest I get to a big wedding-sort-of-moment. To mark the occasion, I thought it would be fun to throw a bachelorettesque party — though it's really just a chance to treat my closest girl friends to an evening of silly fun.

The most important difference, to me, between this and a traditional bachelorette party, is that I'd be throwing it for my friends instead of having them foot the bill. This is something I want to do for them, not something they'd do in honor of the bride-to-be. After all, I'm not a bride. I'm just a girl in love who wants to celebrate with her friends and thank them for everything they've done. On to the festivities, no penis-tiaras required!

  • Many gyms these days offer classes in Cardio Striptease, Strip-Aerobics, Pole Dancing, etc. Mine doesn't, but the head of Classes was able to make arrangements for a private class, thanks to one of her colleagues at another gym. I think one of these classes could be really informative, but it has an even greater potential for HILARITY, which is what I'm after. 
  • All that shimmying can really work up a thirst, which is why I'll equip all the girls with engagement ring shot glasses, my go-to engagement present. The ones shown are from Bachelorette Party Superstore, but I buy mine at Good Vibrations on Valencia.
  • I'll also have plenty of tiny bottles of Champagne for my guests (though probably not Moët, since those are at least $15/each) to wash down their dinner...
  • ...which will take place at a food truck park! This way everyone's dietary restrictions and preferences can be accommodated, and we can all run around trying different things and sharing. 
  • I'm ordering a dozen cupcakes from my favorite bakery in town, with simple vanilla icing and a little pink candy dot in the center. I want them to be cutely boob-esque, but those anatomically correct breast cupcakes kind of freak me out. 

That's all I have planned so far, but I think it will be good, wholesome, ridiculous fun. I'll be taking care of the class, the rings, the Champagne, and the cupcakes, leaving only the cost of their food truck purchases for my guests. (Obviously, this is not a gift-giving occasion.) Or is that tacky — should I pay for everything? I don't have much money but I wan't to show my girls a good time!

(Images, clockwise from top left: DNAinfo, Ladies Lotto, Bachelorette Party Superstore, Charleston City Paper, Kasa Indian Eatery

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