These little snow bottles capture the magic of snow without the windchill factor. Perfect for those of us who think we miss Chicago winters, but probably just miss the idea of winter. You can keep your snow bottles plain, add fuzzy yarn to create ornaments, or dip the corks in red Plasti-dip for a bit of old-timey brightness...
  • A bunch of bottles I happened upon a shoebox full of tiny glass bottles at San Francisco's SCRAP, but they can also be found at craft stores, thrift stores, and online. Corks are a bit easier to find at the same sorts of places, and check hardware stores as well.
  • Tiniest Snowglobe A small amount of glitter, a drop of glycerin, and water are all that are necessary to create a darling little snowfall.
  • The childhood dream I filled some bottles with tiny white pompoms, like snowballs frozen perfectly for all time. San Franciscans- the no-name craft supply store on Duboce across from Rainbow Grocery has an excellent pompom selection.
  • Memory of a snow vacation My friend brings bottles this same size whenever she goes to a beach, and the sand-filled bottles are adorable reminders of beachy fun. Why not create a more wintry souvenir? I used micro-glitter, but glass glitter would be super glamorous and mica glitter has a nice snowflake quality.
  • A jaunty cap I dipped some of the corks in red Plasti-Dip, to simulate a wax seal (it also provides an airtight seal). Plasti-Dip which can be found at hardware stores, though I recommend asking the nice clerk where it is because I can never find it. It is also available in white, which I would love to try next.
  • Fresh chilly air When working with Plasti-Dip, it is very important to have LOTS of ventilation. Here in San Francisco it's generally no big deal to open the windows in the winter, but if you live in a colder climate it might be best to save this step for a warm-ish day. Or work quickly!
  • Dip it up Follow the instructions & safety precautions carefully, of course. Hold each bottle upside-down and dip slowly but smoothly into the can of Plasti-Dip. Pull up slowly, and gently twist bottle as you turn it upright. The amazing part is that the dip tends to create a nice smooth top all on its own! I do recommend practicing on on little scraps first, just to get a feel for how it behaves.
  • Snow on the branches By simply looping lengths of string around the necks of the bottles, you can create delightful ornaments for everyone on your list. I used fuzzy pale grey yarn to add a bit of warmth to the snowy scene, but rustic twine or sparkly white embroidery floss would be nice, too.
  • The holiday glow Let your bottles dry, and admire your handiwork. Ah, pretty, pretty snow.
Images: Tess Wilson