How To: Turn a Grate into a Storage Space

How To: Turn a Grate into a Storage Space

Lily Gahagan
Feb 19, 2009

The landing strip is one of our favorite spots to decorate. Why? Well, being a small space it usually comes together quickly, and we're all for instant gratification. Also, little decorative touches there can instantly become useful (and time-saving) additions in your day-to-day routine. Like keeping mail organized...

Having a spot to drop off mail when you come in every day ensures that bills and correspondence won't get lost. This idea for using an old heating grate as a mail slot is fun and original, and also makes use of your wall, keeping your landing strip (usually a pretty small space) free for keys, wallets, etc. While these instructions are for painting the grates, we think they'd look just as nice in their original, vintage patina state. Do you have a creative solution for keeping your mail sorted? Let us know.

Full instructions from Do It Yourself.

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