(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

It seems like we get new phone books delivered to our door about as often as the weather changes, which in DC — as you know from the 20 degree to 70 degree jump this past week — is quite often. And with yellowpages.com, we open a phone book maybe once a year, so we liked Chica and Jo's clever way of putting at least one (half) of these paper-wasting, space-stealing hulks to good use...


1. phone book

2. utility knife

3. cardboard tube (from a paper towel or toilet paper roll)

4. Mod Podge or acrylic gel medium (from a craft store)

5. paint brush

6. scissors

7. card stock (or the thick cover of another large phone book)

8. binder clips

9. glue gun

10. 1 new pencil

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

The basic idea is to fold the pages into individual compartments big enough to hold basic desk supplies.

Complete project instructions from Chica and Jo.

(Images: Chica and Jo)