How to Turn Your Nook Color Into an Android Tablet

How to Turn Your Nook Color Into an Android Tablet

Joelle Alcaidinho
Apr 26, 2011

We did a double take when we first spotted our friend's tablet. We knew she had gotten a Nook Color, so there was nothing strange seeing her reading from it. But when she started scrolling through her menu, feeding the fish in her live theme mini Android robots, and launched Angry Birds, we knew this was not your stock model Nook.

Since our friend Kaitlin is a lovely human she was happy to let us in on how her Nook Color was transformed into an Android tablet. Kaitlin's brother Karl is the programming hacker behind the transformation and after a chat with him we were able to get the skinny on how to make the Nook Color to Android tablet happen. This process is called, don't laugh, rooting.

To make all your Android running on Nook Color dreams come true you will need:

  • computer
  • Nook Color
  • A microSD card
  • MicroSD adapter (we will use SD and microSD interchangeably in the following instructions)
  • Several image files (below)

Necessary files include the 1-2 GB image, the newest zip, and the CyanogenMod 7 Google Apps Image (it's at the bottom of the page).