How To Update Existing Dining Room Light Fixture?

How To Update Existing Dining Room Light Fixture?

Regina Yunghans
Jul 19, 2013

Q: My fiancee and I recently relocated to a new state and in the process went from owning a home to renting a townhouse. We love our new digs, except for one thing - the terrible light fixture in the dining room! I know what everyone's reaction is going to be 'Just put up a new one! There are lots of great inexpenxive options and they are easy to put back when you move out.'

Sure, we COULD just put up a new light fixture. But where's the fun in that? SO, failing to come up with a solution that's better than sliced bread on my own, I wanted to reach out to the awesome and creative Apartment Therapy community and see what ideas they might have for hiding/updating/bedazzling the existing light fixture without just putting up a new one. Come on, people! Show me what you got!

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