How to Upgrade the Internal Hard Drive in Your Laptop

It's really sort of fun to compare the hard drive capacity of laptops purchased 3 or so years ago with new models. Hard drive space is something it seems like our laptop never has enough of. One of the ways to extend the life of an older laptop with a small hard drive is to upgrade the hard drive. Sure an external hard drive is an easy fix, but they are more expensive and not as fast as an internal hard drive. This Instructable shows how to upgrade the internal hard drive of a laptop.

Instructables user Marcintosh likes to do his computer upgrades himself and has developed a system to make these as painless as possible. In this Instructable he shows how to upgrade the internal hard drive of a laptop using his system. His instructions are clear, and easy to understand and take a lot of the mystery out of the internal hard drive laptop upgrade.

We think this is a great way to extend the life of an older machine and this Instructable is chock full of good tips. Of course taking your computer apart yourself does void your warranty, but chances are that you will be doing this on a machine that is long out of warranty so that is not something that you will sweat.

Check out the post on Instructables, for the complete instructions.

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(Image: Flickr User Ben Dalton & Flickr User Paul Watson licensed for use under Creative Commons)